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    The Leadership Presence Workshop will help your team build their reputation, credibility and presence in business. After learning the building blocks of a strong leadership presence, participants will walk away with an actionable master plan to create leadership presence in their career. Participants will learn strategies to project more confidence and power in business interactions, connect with executives and decision-makers, and build recognition as a business person with strong leadership potential. OBJECTIVES • Build your brand as an emerging leader • Understand methods of influence and power • Develop a leadership mindset • Build a strategic network • Defeat the impostor syndrome • Get buy-in for your ideas
    The Leadership Communication Workshop will help aspiring and current leaders get clarity on their thoughts and express themselves in an assertive, confident way. They will learn how to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, allowing them to communicate assertively in the moment. Assertive communication is a critical skill for leaders to master. It can help during difficult conversations, expressing an idea or opinion with clarity, setting boundaries, making clear requests, and dealing with manipulative criticism. OBJECTIVES • Understand passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive communication • Start to conquer your limiting beliefs that stop you from being assertive in the moment • Learn practical strategies for assertive communication • Make clear requests, set boundaries and deal with manipulative criticism
    If you have a specific idea for a workshop or a need you would like to address, Tiffany can tailor a workshop for your team. Tiffany’s specialty is in helping aspiring and current leaders have more presence, impact and influence in business. Her tailored workshops can revolve around leadership branding, communication, reputation and visibility building, interacting in the workplace, personal presentation and grooming, and online presence. FOCUS AREAS • Leadership branding versus personal branding • Executive style and grooming • Leadership communication and creative thinking • Reputation and visibility building • Social skills to interact better in the workplace • Online and digital presence as a leader

Step into the Spotlight

I work with leaders to become more poised and polished, identify their own authentic style, honor their talents, and attain a sense of confidence and success. With your organization as the backdrop, we'll work to monetize their expertise with brands that are strategic, meaningful, and memorable.

Inclusive Leadership and Brand Development Coach


Her work ethic is unmatched, and the dedication to detail when developing marketing strategies and campaigns is bar none. Tiffany has not only been a brilliant colleague to collaborate with but has also been a mentor to me, both professionally and personally. Her encouragement has helped me to think unconventionally and push boundaries and

become a better marketer in the process. Her confidence is infectious, and as a true leader, she is both thought-provoking and influential. Anyone who has or will one day work with Tiffany in any capacity will agree that she is a force to be reckoned with and will leave a lasting impression on you.

K. Pimentel | Westerly, Rhode Island

My Mission

To make people like me 
more commonplace
in less common places.

I  know how you feel and
I've got your back.

If you're like me, you may feel you're on the cusp of something great and you're ready to take action! You just may not be sure of how. Let me assure you, you're in the right place - no matter how matter years, fears, or tears it's taken for you to get here. Let's take the next step together. ​
Work with me to let your light shine!


Tiffany's holistic approach to marketing ensures no stone goes unturned and no opportunity left unexplored. She approaches her work thoughtfully, thoroughly vetting each campaign and initiative. It's rare that you come across a self-driven, standout talent like Tiffany.

She has the skills and experience needed to effectively create and execute marketing initiatives that align with long-term strategic goals. She is encouraging, supportive. She is approachable and easy to work with. 
J. Michalek | Stonington, Connecticut


There's no time like now...

Let's build your leadership skills and personal brand so the right opportunities (ones that scale both in revenue and reach) find you.

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